Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome to New Mexico

We saw so many sites, and ate so many delight's ( heh, rhymed) that its going to take me a week of posts, so here goes! Santa Fe, Art and southwest style in abundance. We stayed at the El Dorado, it was one of the best I have stayed in thus far. It practically  had its own art gallery inside, there were so many wonderful pieces everywhere my eye's took me, and the attention to southwest detail was reflected in the structure, it's native pattern carpets , beautiful lighting.. I could go on and on,. When we arrived it was eve, so we had just enough time and energy after being smunched in a car for so long to settle in and then enjoyed a  relaxing dip in the roof top hot tub, and pool under the clear starry sky. Next morning being so central to everything, we put on our walking shoe's and put in a good 8 hr shopping day o' fun! Let the good time's and tortilla's roll!

The El Dorado

The outside was just as gorgeous as the inside. Lifesized sculptures were everywhere.

The beginning of the culinary delight's. The signature of the southwest was Green Chiles, and we had them in several dishes including this dish. And some of the best green's I've ever tasted.( they would not give over the recipe, ding dang!

kicked back comfy in our room. Happyish Monday!


  1. Hey there. I'm Laney and from Found you thru a fellow blogger. Awesome pics. and was that enchiladas. I love those things. :D Hope you will follow me back. Looking forward to hearing from you on my blog.

    1. Helloo Laney, and thanks so much for coming to visit me and leaving such a nice comment on my humble little blogola:> I would be happy to follow you, if you still would like? Gracias! Dawn