Saturday, April 6, 2013

Back from Rest, Relaxation, and Resplendent Vistas

Hellooooo and long time no blog eh?! I've been back from our fantabulous road trip since earlier this week and have been slammed with work from sun up to well after sun down ever since!! On the drive home I was still inspired from all that we had enjoyed from the unbelievably vivid blue sky to the regal mountain's. I now understand how much more beautifully the arid land's color's look when decorated with all the colorful art, culture, and native people's. And speaking of art... Oh the Art! They say Santa Fe is a Mecca for the arts and I believe they are correct, it is everywhere! I found myself on several occasions having lively conversations with fellow artist's that left me with that creative buzz that I crave sometimes when normal every day work as mother and breadwinner keep me a busy bee's otherwise. The whole experience refreshed my soul, and I was grateful ! We spent many hour's walking, sightseeing,and shopping, which I will share this coming week . Meanwhile here is the illustration I did on long flat ride through Kansas:) Happy , happy weekend , glad to be back:-/) xo Dawn


  1. The illustration is great. And you're right Santa Fe is so wonderful.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    1. Thankyou Heidi dear! And yep, I feel so grateful to see wonderful places like that!