Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Swank lunch bag, and custom accessories!

A while back I mentioned I was making something special for my little sister who started a new job at wonderful and beautiful new nonprofit facility. She really loves it , and we really love her so I wanted her to have a special and fun gift to show her how proud we are of her.
While roadtrippin I found this fab lunch bag at Urban Art's And Craft's, and the line is by an artist I love, and then of course I needed to buy and make special accessories to go with it ! It was so fun to wrap everything up individually and watch her open it all with a sparkle in her eye's, and little squeal's of delight now and then.
I had a ball making: Sandwich bag , I sewed up outta lacey patterned tablecloth vinyl, with a Velcro closure. Pink cloth napkin, with a set of wooden utensil's I saved from Sprinkles cupcakes. A floral fabric covered cold pac. And bamboo chopstick holder out of oil cloth, that I gave a sneak peek of several posts back, for those Chinese lunch day's! Along with an awesome dry cereal, and cold milk holder, and a double walled floral hot/ cold cup, I'd say every day can be a great day to bring your lunch! Happy happy Wed! Xox Dawn
The cereal cup hold's dry cereal on top, and the bottom freezes to keep your milk cold! spiffy! Oh and it has a  spoon in the lid! Eeee!

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