Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Better safe than sorry

That phrase is probably universal, and it's something our fam has had on our mind's personally , especially considering the natural disaster's that have sadly affected so many around the country, heck, around the world. In past when faced with an unexpected power outage we would do well to have a working flashlight, or an array of fancy candles. . So rather than be caught off guard by extreme unexpected ex: earthquake , we figured... " better safe than sorry, we should have a disaster preparedness pack. As in backpack. It doesn't take up much space, can hold alot of basics and just seem's like good sense. I have been filling our backpack's for some time now, and many thing's I found at our local Target and Walmart. Everything else we found at our Harbor Freight Tool's and, water purifying pills etc were at Army surplus. All in all we feel our packs are full of vital thing's and now we feel..well, prepared. You can print off a good list on the Red Cross website. Here are just a few of the supplies we have purchased.
Most can be seen, other than thing's like water purifying pill's, waterproof matches,compass,fishing kit, thermal blanket, and some beef jerky.

of course the kiddo's head for the emergency food!
Interesting selection of booklet's. We didnt buy but we cracked up at the "how to " on scrounging.
Any kind of back pack will do.
Thank's for letting me share, and wonderful Wednesday to you all! xo Dawn

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