Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Furry Fashion

Whether faux or no, I love a fashionable fur collar.

 Inspired lately by some of my favorite show's( more on that tomorrow )I decided to add a beautifully detailed vintage pin I found at a flea market some time back. Lone collar's are fairly easy to find at thrift stores and usually cost only a couple bucks. They can be worn with a dress as I did, or even a rockin vintage tee, long cardi, thin belt, jean's and your fave pump's. Or instead of a pin as I used, how bout attaching a pretty length of velvet ribbon, or lace to give a different effect? See how much fun this little accessory can be? Now go thrifting, or second handing and have a happy wed, almost thur's! Xo Dawn

A few more of my little thrifted, and garage sale treasures I finished off the outfit with.

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