Monday, November 5, 2012

Thrifty Winter Wear

Sorry bout the lack of post's. It seem like I can't get out of go go go mode. And I have a house full of outta town family this week. But I managed to snatch 30ish minutes at the thrift, to find a few must haves for the winter list, which included, a vintage fur, ( still looking for one with a hood),and a long leather coat( preferably 70's or earlier). Here's a few gem's I found, along with a couple dresses. I alway's love the
unusual and atypical! Happy Monday!
Can you believe this on trend wrap is only $ 8.49!! I loved it!
Pale blue leather and faux fur. Awesome on.
Umm. yeah I'm feelin this!
I can't wait till my Iphone 5 comes in so I can post better pic's, because the color, pattern, and  black velvet accentson this 60's dress were amazing!


  1. Oh snap! That velvet dress is awesome.

  2. thanks for the love hon, I'm following you now!