Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Festival's,fireplaces,food and family

This is as close to a spike as my kid's gonna get, and who doesn't love a crazy haired sock monkey? Good purchases!

What could make for a better weekend, than going to the oh so popular Apple Butter Festival full of art's and craft booth's, delish hot soup's, and pie's at the famous The Blue Owl. The fair boast's over 10,000 visitor's so that's saying something! This time instead of an art vendor at this fair, it was nice to be a shopper, meandering up and down the isles, admiring wares. And buying fun stuff!
Wanted this warm sweater from Equador.
We all went crazy for the mini food jewelry!
One dollar cutest ever Pinocchio pencil sharpener anyone? Danged if Rachel didn't get the last one! Score!
Hoodies with giant attached paw glove's! 

Pretty "Mushroom"

It was a sunny but cold day, and we were pretty chilled when we left. So we headed over to my sister's to light up the fireplace, pull out the thick, cozy indian blankets. Also to cook our first
fall/winter meal swap! What's that, you may say? Long, long, long before Rachel Ray's 5 in a Day, I was getting my mom and sister's together to "each "make a meal enough to divide up for all. If there was three of us cooking, then we all brought home 3 different meals for the week, all ready to pop outta the fridge and heat up, much to the pleasure of the hubby's who were assured a good, and different meal . Bonus number two was to spend the day together, wooden spoon's flying, while tasty thing's were bubbling and baking.
And that was just what we did after the fair. On the menu: Encore of my Potato soup, this time kicked up with shredded cheese, and crispy crumbled bacon. Rachel's yummy Meatloaf cupcake's , croissant's, and a Cherry Dump Cake . Plenty for two meals, which we opted to eat together, then meal two could be changed up. Example, I paired my meatloaf with leftover's of my 20min pasta. It was like a giant meatball! Lipsmackin!

While we cooked, the kid's had a ball outside rolling down hill's and having leaf fight's.
Then we settled down under blanket's with fashion mag's and Masterpiece Theatre. ( the kid's opted for iPad's and Mary Poppin's.

 Belly's full, two sister's wrapped up like Burrito's felt the day was full as well.... Full of family:)

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