Friday, October 26, 2012

Potato Supa Soup

The potato. How many favorite foods come from the potato..mashed potato, baked potato, fried potato, au gratin potato, potato chip, french fried potato , potato salad, potato pancakes...and on and on. I'm starting to sound like Bubba Gump Shrimp, shrimp,shrimp. Well anyway , you get that I'm a tater lover. And when our nutty Midwest weather goes from 85 to 55 in a matter of hour's , why that cold snap call's for some hot soup! Potato soup that is. Here is my version, that will have you scraping the bowl!

- 1, 5lb bag Yukon gold potatoes,cubed
- 2 cartons of chicken broth
- 1 whole large onion chopped
- 1 can French onion soup
- 1tbs olive oil, and 1 tbs butter
- 1 small carton of 1/2 n 1/2
- Salt and pepper to tastes
- 1 small bundle of leeks separated ,rinsed thoroughly,and chopped.(optional)

Simply bring chicken broth to a boil and cook your cubed potatoes till softened.
- meanwhile sauté your chopped onion, and leeks in olive oil, and butter till tender.
- then when your potatoes are done mash them roughly, adding salt, pepper and your onion's and leek's, also toss in your French onion, and slowly add your half and half, tasting as you stir in the flavors till you get your preferred thick or thinness. Simmer for a few more minutes till bubbly. Ladle a big ol bowl , and garnish with some fresh chive's out of the garden if you please. Yum , yum and yum! Have a great weekend!

Tip: use pre-chopped onion's to save time, and racoon eye's!

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