Monday, September 10, 2012

When the goin isn't goin, you stay home and paint!

Well my plan's this weekend went nowhere, when I came down with a cold, and broke a belt on my car tire.

I was bummed particularly because it was a beautiful weekend to get out and do my usual routine, and I missed one of my top three art fair's with friends....I wallowed in my sorrow's by cracking open a new set of Gouache paint's and grabbed some velvet paper and tried to gain some respect beyond " The Velvet Elvis". Did it work?

"Fireflies warm glow in a night sky"

I gotta say, it was tough to work with these two medium's together.
Meanwhile, my Skye got his draw on with a awesome product by Crayola.

They are window marker's, that while drying, crystallize before your eyes, and resemble stained glass! Too fun!

Fall Squirrel
 So I guess the weekend wasn't an entire bust? Lovely week to you!