Monday, September 17, 2012

Well I love a rainy night...

..Such a beautiful sight .
I love to feel the rain on my face
To taste the rain on my lip's
In the moonlight shadow..

After a summer of drought, Eddie Rabbitt's song start's humming cheerily behind my lip's when I see the dark cloud's squeeze out those earthquenching droplet's.
And then I instantly go into gopher mode.. I gopher into my curtain drawn, cozy burrow, light some good smelling candles, find a good ol' movie, grab a stack of rag mag's, and gopher a bowl of Edy's pumpkin pie icecream ( contributing to my Mae West figure) but for love of all that is decadent it's mighty tasty!
And that my friend's is why... I love a rainy night.. Hmm hmm lalalala la la la! Lovely eve to ya! Dawn

1927 silent film: Sunrise. I was seriously teary. I need to buy this movie! 

Too late, empty bowl! It was that good!


  1. That guy looks like he's playing hard to get.

  2. Oh it was a brilliant movie, that had me a bit on edge!

  3. Being a gopher sounds fun and cozy :)