Saturday, September 8, 2012

Time for snuggle up, fall food's

When fall start's to display dark ,cloudy rainy day's, then I start to feel like baking and cooking cozy meal's.
Not so good for the figure, but o' so tasty for the soul!
Barefoot Contessa is alway's reliable for her hubby's favorite (thus tried and true )oven roasted chicken recipes. I used her Perfect Roasted Chicken version..Yum!
To accompany, I made simple steamed broccoli with butter , salt and pepper.

And the real star of the meal was Contessa's Bread Pudding that I jotted down off her show but also found for you here. How many of you have wanted to make a bread pudding? I know I have for ages, so I finally found out how easy and tasty it is!
I did want to mention that you want the custard to really be soaked, and almost swimming around the bread.
Also I tweaked her recipe by adding a vanilla sauce from this version, that totally made it perfect. I hope you will try these , and save em for a rainy day!
Bubbing vanilla sauce! Dont overcook, or it will breakdown, and you will need to whisk!
My little man's meal served on his handpainted plate he made.
Hope your having a wonderful weekend! ;) Dawn

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