Saturday, September 1, 2012

On a whim...

... I decided to whip up( and I do mean whip up) a little custom pouch for a nice set of bamboo chopstick's for my sister who loves Chinese food .

You see I bought her a fab lunch bag with a delightful illustration by an artist I love, and I wanted to add some fun accessories to make her feel that much more special and loved( dabbing tissue to eye) I will share it all when I give to her.

Anyhoo, the story behind the chopstick's is that her husband doesn't like Chinese food ., what the !!!?@!, and so she hardly has any.

Soooo I figured hang em! Have it at lunch with her new chopstick's to encourage her!
She just started this new job that she loves ,that helps those in need, and again I want her to know how proud I alway's am of her!
Well I hope you are all having a lovely weekend . I gotta go tell my little sister not to read this post or she will spoil the suprise!:) Dawn

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