Thursday, August 30, 2012


Don't you just love saying that word?! It crack's me up, and remind's me of Sylvester off Looney tunes.. Sufferin Succotash ! Well anyhoo, if you don't like saying it, you'll love eating at the tasty restaurant Succotash in K.C.

It has a hometown hipster vibe, with totally artsy decor ( right up my alley) and delish dishes that will put a smile on your face and yummy comfort to your breadbasket! :) Happy Thursday, Dawn
I was delighted when I walked through this fab handcarved/handpainted door!
You can't go wrong with bicuit's and gravy.
I'm gonna make this Rainbow Brite looking awesome eight layer cake!! Isn't it flippin amazing?
I told you it would put a smile on your face...or at least a smirk on your bacon face!

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