Thursday, August 9, 2012

Love me a good Farmer's Market

We used to live on a farm, and we loved it. It was my Little House on the Praire dream come true.
Yeah our house was built around an 1800's log home, and had settled to quirky crookedness, and was drafty in winter and hot in summer, but we loved it nonetheless.
Outside we were surrounded by outbuilding's, a giant red barn complete with silo, and plenty of cow's that mooed you to sleep, horses, out our bedroom window, and chicken's to cluckety cluck you "good morning".
And in the summertime you could stand in the kitchen and watch the giant garden growing corn, squash, okra, tomatoes, pickling cucumber's, lettuce's, and more.
Since those day's are long gone, I have resorted to the next best thing. Ye ol' Farmer's market. It has a certain atmosphere, that makes you feel, a little hip, a little healthier, and the buzz of people around the colorful stand's seem's just as happy as the buzz of the bee's drawn to the ripe fruit's and flower's.
Unlike when we were kid's and it was a novelty to come across a roadside stand, or better yet a farmer's market, I am happy to see so many popping up all over from country to city. If you haven't stopped by your local stand , grab a bag, (recycled-green of course )and pick up some tomato's for a B.L.T., or some buffalo burger for a delicious change. I think you would enjoy! Happy Thursday!

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