Monday, August 13, 2012

Road Trippin weekend K.C.

There's alot more to do in Kansas City than eating great BBQ in your Ruby Slipper's. And my extended family I travel with pack's an agenda that cover's as many kool place's as can be humanly possible to fit in a day! There is no hesitation to pull off the highway to explore an interesting sight to see.. Heh. So it will probably take me all wee k to cover so here we go!

Started our day with a famous Big Momma cinnamon roll that was as big as my face! No lie! It fed 6 of us and still had a quarter left! It was delish!
This place was a crowd pleaser for the kiddie's.  Your meal come's to you on  a train, and you get your own conductor's hat.

A free dinosaur exhibit!

The beginning of LegoLand was just a walk from our room's
A Lego Gentleman to welcome you! Lot's o' Lego to cover tommorow!Happy Mon!

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