Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sewww Easy Sundress

Who knew you could go to the fabric store and find a fairly awesome selection of tube top style, multi length sundress material ready to buy on the bolt, for $15-20 dollars a yd!
I say this would be a very easy project for someone wanting to learn to sew. And instantly gratifying!
All you do is: 1)Wrap fabric around your chest and pin a comfortable fit. 2) turn right sides in an pin your fabric all the way down.3) cut off your excess fabric, an use a zigzag stitch to sew up your dress. 4) then simply fold and pin a half inch hem on the bottom, and sew up with a straight stitch.
Flip right side out, and hey now! What'ya know! Wear alone with your cute sandal's or add a thin summer cardi. Now go to the fab store and give it a whirl ! Happy almost weekend:) Dawn


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