Tuesday, August 7, 2012

For the love of Tortilla's

So our aunt Helen just recently left, and we love her sweetness, garage sale loving way's, AND her tortilla making skill's! I'm telling you she is a tortilla making machine! And at 69 she has the Popeye muscles to prove it!

We wanted to have a family, friend fiesta at the park, with all of our spicy homemade chow, but it never happened. The heat was just that despicable.

So we just made our little spur of the moment individual batches to savor hot off the griddle with a little butter and a dash of salt. Heaven I tell ya! Those tasteless frisbee's at the grocery store, that we all have had to buy are nothing like the real deal!

Thusly every time we tap into our treasured freezer batch we will fondly and gratefully think of our wonderful Aunt Helen whose famous saying is... "I make the Tortilla". Happy Tuesday,Love Dawn
Me and my Gram, also a tortilla master, she say's mine are like a lump in her belly!WHAAAH?lol!
Me Tia Helena working like Speedy Gonzales! 
Aunt Diane and Aunt Helen
MMmm, bubble and flip!
The tradition is to give all the kid's their own ball o' dough to make their own. 
And this is the result!lol!

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