Monday, July 14, 2014

A painting I will go..

.. A painting I will go, high ho the merry oh, a painting I will go!!
Excited to be done sketching my newest inspiration. I absolutely adore lost, and forlorn old photos of people that I don't know but can look and just imagine how they felt in that moment of time. For instance, this lovely lady is in I imagine a park like setting in the 50's according to her hair and dress. The dress is sprinkled with maybe blue, pink, and yellow flowers , and she is holding a freshly cut bouquet that perhap's her sweetheart just gave her maybe taking the picture because he wanted a momento of his girl and her lovely smile at that very moment. 
Ahh, I know I am totally reading into it. But what I do know is someone once cared for this person enough to want to capture it, and that is something I appreciate and feel compelled to save and sometimes reinvent their forgotten face's with paint, brush and care. 
Have a wonderful week. Xo Dawn

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