Friday, July 20, 2012

The Lakehouse

Well here we are at another weekend, and I'm just getting to last weekend. We love getting together at my sister Rachel's lakehouse, which ironically I didn't get a pic of this time(but you can see it at her blog).

It's very comfy,relaxing, and the kid's have a blast! Especially this time while out tubing.
We were to tear's laughing at their little selves hanging on with expression's that ranged from saucer eye's to serious snarls of determination, and of course plenty oh grin's. But the way they bounced across the wave's ,leg's flying while hanging on was downright hysterical!

Along with pulling over to swim in a cove, and plenty of laugh's and snack's, and a game of crazy eight's, I can tell you we all sawed log's that night! It's really nice when your family is your best friend's:) have a lovely and wonderful weekend Dawn

Puttin on the tuff stuff look ready for take off!

No Peeking!:0
Have a wonderful weekend


  1. Your holiday looks idyllic! How wonderful to have a house by a lake :)


  2. Yes and thankyou! Any holiday that has water is awesome in this horrid heat right now!:>