Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My vintage dress collection grows

When in the thrift's ,and vintage clothes shop's I alway's have my eye's peeled for the 1950's house mum dresses. You know, the kind you would see on Mama on the Walton's, along with many other hard working ladies of the 50's while they were tending the garden or canning in the kitchen. I love the print's and sweet detail's. Personally i like to pair them with old cowboy boots ,and a denim jacket, or a sweater. And i'm looking forward to having a closet full of these frock's or at least make some beautie's like Dottie Angel one day!Happy Wednesday ! Dawn

Bricbrac arm cuff's, and purple plaid with a tie or bow lapel


  1. Wow, I never knew you had so many.

  2. I left out a few wintery color's,.Recognize the minty green rose print?:)