Monday, July 9, 2012

Wading in the creek on a summer's day!

Our summer in the Midwest has been a real roaster so far, with 105 plus temperature's and barely a sprinkling of rain in almost 2 month's, so yeah we have all been hot n'crabby. But I'm happy to report the desperately dry earth, and weeping tree's finally rejoiced with the rest of us when the cloud's opened up, and gave the refreshment and cool down we so,so needed. We were perked up , and packed up our trail mix, water, and strawberry smoothie's. We Slapped on our Tennie's and along with Grandpa, me and my sister and the kiddo's spent an abundantly cooler day at an awesome park called Mastadon State Park.
Their museum was really full of alot of great artifact's and info. And we really enjoyed walking their trail's and felt like kids, when we came to the a creek and kicked our shoe's off and went wading. Ahh it was delightful!
Even though we were total tenderfoot 's ooching, and owing, we had fun catching crawdad' s and skipping rock's. It was a really good day. And we will sleep well, hope you do too!:) Dawn

Can you imagine running into this mega slothy guy while out for a walk??

What you lookin at with those google eye's!

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