Saturday, February 16, 2013

I whip my braid's round!

My hair is long.. Very long. It enables me to wear many style's, and one of my faves is braided. As far as I can remember I have sported braid's. Little House On the Prairie style, to the side , one long in back, in a low bun with a flower, french braided in front and pulled back, Princess Leah style with a twist( I'll show you that someday) and like I did today.
Be brave my friend's! Be creative! Shrug off those that say you look like Swiss Miss! And hey Swiss Miss was cute anyway! My sister Vintage Honeybee likes to wear her mane like this and has a easy tutorial, so grab your brush and bobbie's and go for it! happy weekend all!xo Dawn

Besides, I'm thinkin this is lookin way more Frida, than Swiss!:)

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