Sunday, May 27, 2012

We ladies love our accessories.

Particularly purses, and bag's for me. Don't you find that when shopping for new attire, sometimes nothing fit's right, look's right or feel's right. But when all else fail's we can alway's find accessories to feed our fix.

I have a big love of vintage bag's and jewelry, and my closets are about 75% vintage and or thrifted, no joke. I'll be sure to feature my love's from time to time. But for today I have Summer Straw's. Nothing say's summertime, more than a straw bag to compliment your outfit. Here are a few of mine.

Tommorow I will "my style" an outfit with one. Happy,wonderful weekend!

I love the detail's of silk and velvet flower's, gold seashell's and beadwork! Very shabby chic!
It it just me or did they make the buckle to look like an owl?