Saturday, May 26, 2012

When I get an idea in my noggin..

..Sometimes I gotta go get the supplies to make it right away, or if I'm particularly fortunate I can find everything I need in all my stash at home.
And i just so happened to have all I needed the other day when I decided to make one of those outdoor hanging flower bags that cost's an arm and a leg,and an armpit,heh. I was looking at one draped over a neighbors balcony and (lightbulb moment!) Hey , I could make one myself outta sturdy landscaping liner that you put under gravel etc. it looks nicer and is sturdier than the plastic bag they use, it can be sewn, and it drains great.
Mind you this is my version, but I have to say.. Not bad , not bad .

I used about a 3ft by 2.5ft piece of landscape fabric,also cut 2 strip's for strap's. And don't forget a large sturdy hook,properly attached.

Mark where you want your plants and cut criss cross opening's to insert plants.
Put plants from front to back roots first...Just follow the finger puppet.

Fold it in half where you only have to sew up the sides. Oh and to reinforce , I rolled the top 1/2inch and sewed.I used a zigzag stitch for all. Also sew straps doubly good.

Have a terrific long weekend!!:) Dawn

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  1. That's a great idea. You could use it for all sorts of plants.