Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A peek at project in progress.

I do many form's of art. But one I don't do often are mural's. One they take immense amounts of time(especially when doing an entire room, and two, they really take a toll on your neck , back and feet. Michelangelo , you were beyond amazing!

Pain in my neck or no, when I do take one on, I find it very satisfying to transform a plain white room into a dreamy little world. It's amazing what you can do with a little paint , brush, and a giant blank canvas. I'll be sure to share when I am complete. For now, have a peek!


  1. Looks beautiful!! You are quite the artist!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  2. So very kind of you to say! Thank you very much for making my day that much nicer! Lovely day to you too!:)

  3. Goodness - this looks amazing. Very accomplished indeed.
    When I was little, I had a mermaid mural on one wall. Once that room became my brother's room though, he (unsurprisingly) requested that it be painted over - but you can still see the outline of my wild, sea-haired mermaid under the many layers of paint!

  4. Gracias! It's much appreciated,to be...appreciated!Lol!Your comment's warm my heart and keep me motivated! And I would have loved to have seen your mermaid! Now that's a character I would enjoy painting..hmm, maybe on my studio wall? Anyhoo, thankyou so much for visiting my little blog Miss Roz! Lovely weekend to you!;)