Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Laumeier Sculpture Park Art Fair

My all time favorite thing to do every Mother's Day weekend is go to the art fair at Laumeier. 150 spectacular artist's, 15,000 visitor's, great food, ( fish bowl margarita's , authentic Mexican nacho's and I'm a happy girl!

Sitting on the lawn, cool breeze blowing listening to Erin Bode singing on stage. Couldn't have had a more wonderful day!
Only big bummer was my phone ran outta juice, and I missed so many fab pieces of art for you! It's always polite to ask artists for permission. But here is a taste of the goodness of art! Enjoy!

Chris Vance

Dick Cunningham
Modern Fiber Art
Eye see you!....
Edsware Ceramic's was a hootn' nanny!
Narrative, Storytelling sculpture

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  1. I'm so mad I couldn't go. It looks like fun as usual. Hope you got your margarita.