Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When the weather is fine, have your dinner al fresco.

You may know the weather in the Midwest is crazy sometimes. We can have 80's one day and the next 40's...no joke . So when you have a perfectly sunny, 70 degree day, even if it's a weekday, you take advantage.

And that we did, by having a picnic dinner at the park!

It gave me a good excuse to make a grilled beef, and havarti cheese sandwich that was out of this world delish! The inspiration came from Pinterest( I heart pinterest folk's). It was an awesome way to use leftover roast, and I grilled some chiabatta bread with havarti with dill, and some organic baby arugula... Heaven I tell ya!

Along with some farmer's market fresh strawberries, that were beautiful solid red throughout, and some tea, we had a splendid dinner amongst the spring Iris's .

My Skye commented,"Mom, this is the best day,and you should sell these sandwiches...I'd say it was a success!

Other's at the park , were reading book's on park benches, walking thier dog's , enjoying the duck's in the pond, an air of relaxation amongst all.

Sit back, relax, and smell the posies!

So even if you have had a hectic day, why not grab a bite and enjoy it at your local park? I highly recommend it! Happy Tuesday all:) Dawn

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