Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crystal Bridges :Part 1

One of my favorite stop's on our trip was the Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Bentonville Arkansas . Only 6 month's old and an absolutely beautiful structure, that has thus far had at least double the amount of expected guest's, (us happily included). I could visit over and over to gaze at the wonderful art work's, and wish my picture's could've captured even a fraction of the real beauty, detail, and brush stroke's of these famous pieces. Alas I hope you enjoy what I could squeek out, considering how strict the staff was. We had to stand 18 inches back from the art, and no flashes. Some older man and woman were standing beside me and whatdya know but he clicks off a flash, and I'll be dad- gummed if me my friend Em didnt get blamed!I said "Excuse me man, but I don't even have a blinkin flash on my 3G! Yeesh ! So other than the slightly strict viewing rules, I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful art experience. Happy Wed, Oop's Thurs!:) Dawn

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