Thursday, June 21, 2012

A series's of misfortunate event's..

I love road trip's. It's nice to get away for a weekend somewhere close, inexpensive and fun to recharge. What I don't love is when your trying to have a relaxing trip and it start's off with a weird thunder, rattle, clitter, clatter, in our vehicle five minute's down the road . Diagnosis from the mechanic, alternator... Blast! Two hour's later, back on the road. Then, no lie we were almost creamed not once not twice but three time's by total wreckless driver's, causing screeches, horn honk's and brake slam's, not to mention all of us tense, and on edge. Meanwhile we also had one grandpa M.I.A. ( later found in Walmart perusing the isle's on one of of their motorized cart's for a couple hour's). Finally, it's already bad enough that we have to use grimy gas station bathroom's but when there's a giant spider blocking the way from bladder bloating freedom.. Well that's the last straw! I'm happy to report the only casualty was the spider , and the rest of the day was vastly more pleasant.

Some seriously delish pizza.

The cupcake's here were Cupcake War Worthy!
One of our favorite shop's and blogger'sRed Velvet!
The dressing room's were "super pretty"
Elsie's shop is chocked full of vintage goodness,so pop in if your in  Springfield, and have one of her sister's yummy cupcake's on Fri or Sat!

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  1. So jealous, I was thinking just recently about how I wanted to head back that way again. Have fun.