Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crystal Bridges- Part two

It was so difficult to pare down favorite pieces of art to share, so I am afraid your gonna get the royal tour... I'll be right back to get your headphone's, in the meantime enjoy;)

Clever palette portraits!
I adored this self portrait. Look closely at how his cat naturally arches. You can just hear the pleasant purring!
A lovely Mrs. Chamberlain by John Singer Sargent
Any good museum worth it's two bit's has gotta have a Warhol! Helllooo Dolly!!

Aaaand a Warhol finger puppet!
Anne Page, by Dennis Miller Bunker.This was my favorite. You just had to see it's soft, glowing, life sized scale to appreciate it's beauty.  And  the fact that she was not centered made it that much more fabulous. 
Modern Art:)
William Trost Richard's landscape's were beyond word's other than genius!
Find the faces..ha!
The Reader by the wonderful Mary Cassatt!
And last but certainly not least, James McNeill Whistler! So if you get a chance go toCrystal Bridges Art Museum.

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