Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camping, Vintage Style

All 3 kitchy camping pic's courtesy Pinterest
When we were kid's we loved camping! It was a blast to all pack up for a weekend in a campsite on the river, where we would rodeo tadpole's in our kidmade pool's, swing off a giant rope swing,squealing the whole way, hike up the bluff's(artsy farsty me, collected red clay for tiny pot's and dishes). We'd cook biscuits and S.O.S.(an old Navy gravy)in a black iron skillet over a campfire.  And catch fireflie's, before crawling into our sleeping bag's either in front of the fire, or in our grandparent's camper.Then when we were fully sun soaked and fresh aired to the max, we broke down camp, and headed home, alway's stopping at a little town dairy with an enormous ice cream cone above the sign, and happily ended our trip with sticky sweet smile's....I miss those day's. Very happy Tuesday;) Dawn

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