Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fabby Bag Find's

Well I have already stated how much I love the thrill of the thrift, but now that it is summer there are also treasures to be found at garage sales as evidenced by my lovely vintage Italian bag in the o' so unusual yet awesome shades of canary yellow and turquois blue. Usually you can find purses at garage sales for anywhere from .50 cent's to a couple buck's. But in this case this baby had a $12 dollar tag, a little pricey for me so I walked away, only to be slightly regretting as I continued my garaging foray's. Sooo I finally caved and figured if it was still there, then obviously it should be mine. Pulling in front of the home, my eagle eyes locked on to that bold beauty, where I hopped out wallet in hand , prepared to wheel and deal. It was the end of day,so people are more likely to go lower on item's, and I am happy to report that the final bargain price was only $7 smacker's!!

Now my flashy 70's golden girl was found in a very small, slightly grungy thrift store where time after time again I will find awesome goodness like this pre-L.A.M.B. version that has been so popular. Mine was snatched up for a mere pittance at $2 and will look fab with a sundress and gold, strappy sandal's (preferably 70's as well, still lookin) I will be sure to share more "Thrifty Thrill's" as I am so compulsed ! Happy Tuesday!!

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