Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm no Sophia Vergara...

...but I did get my summer cut based on her pic, and thought I'd give her a run for her money !! Ha! I know, I know , but hey I can dream right?

Then I asked my hairdresser if she could make my physique look like her's too, but since she didn't have a magic wand it was a no go. 

 I must say albeit I am a thrifty girl I have learned you can't skimp on a good haircut, as one of my good friends alway's  says "you get what you pay for",and that is certainly true with haircuts.
 I wish I would have saved the last $12 coupon haircut I had, that was so hideous ( I know you just thought of Nacho Libre) that it literally looked like the gal took a weed wacker to it.... I wept..and learned my lesson.

 Oooh hey,the other hair tip I shall share is that I used Loreal Root Rescue, and it worked brilliantly for touching up roots and even covered the better portion of the cap of my hair, and matched my salon color beautifully . So whether you go for the Sophia, or the Marilyn go for a sassy something special just for you! Happy Wed! Dawn

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