Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trying to eat summertime simple

When summer time heat starts to kick in ( it was 96 today with our yucky humidity, then we start eating more light , and fresh fare. I start to crave the fresh fruits and veggies at our local farmers market. And friends fresh egg's are a welcome addition to make my easy frittata 's, and scrambled huevo's to wrap in sheets of seaweed with avocado and sriracha . I am also enjoying my fresh herb's I'm growing, and eager to see my veggie garden bear it's gifts of carrot's , zucchini, five wonderful colors and types of heirloom tomato's ( if the squirrels leave em alone) Japanese eggplant, green onions, and radicchio . Oh and bok choy, ( I like saying bok choy)and you better believe we have been eating one of our favorites: bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches!
 Feel free to share any simple summer favorites you have, and happy almost weekend! 

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