Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eeeeasy Mexi Turkey Chili

You may be figuring out by now that I'm the queen of the soup, chili, chowder. And here's another family fave! One it's delish, two it's lowfat, and three it's super simple! Need I say more? Ok.. I'll say the recipe:
my hominy isn't in the pic,so don't forget it:)

-1 to 2lb of ground turkey
- 2 can's corn (juice and all)
- 2 can's blackbeans
- 2 pkg dry ranch dressing
- 2 can's white hominy
- 1 can rotel diced tomato's
- 1 can diced tomato's
- pepper, and season-salt to taste

-Simply cook your ground turkey in a pot with a little pepper, and season salt
- then add corn w/juice, blackbeans, hominy , dry Ranch, tomato's.
- stir and bring to a simmer
Done! It easily serves 6. Bon appettreat!
Here were some beautiful roses brought to me, fresh out of the garden!
Scratch and sniff roses!....just kiddin! Have a beauty of a day!

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