Thursday, April 12, 2012

I love surprise handmade gifts!

So my sister vintagehoneybee is what I consider the textile artist in the family. I am the potter, painter, candlestick maker... Haha! And together we are a well oiled Art's and Craftin machine! We usually swap skill's , when we want something, it work's out beautifully! Especially when my productive little bee suprised me with a clutch, she just made, that I coveted! She will have them in her shop soon, and we came up with a tweak that will make them even more fabulous! We will keep you posted! Meanwhile feel free to admire, and look how wonderful it will go with my new silky maxi dress! I love my sisters! Oh and I have a brother too( but he doesn't make me clutches:).. Love him too:)
Happy almost end o' week!

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