Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Family time is art time

I have alway's encouraged my kiddo to dive into art, whether it be paint, clay, charcoal, bead, sew, tool leather, etc etc, I want his creativity to soar! And I find some of my most heart warming moment's are when my son is working side by side with me making art.

I am alway's tickled to see what wonderful free flowing art comes from the mind, and eye of a child.
And what really gets me about my Skye ,is with all the colorful supplies I provide him, he alway's goes back to a simple drawing pencil, but oh how I love it. Particularly rendition's of me! Lol( you'll see!)

He sketches pad after pad)I usually get him the good Canson sketch pad's but I also stock up on 20 cent spiral's when it's school supply time.

No matter what medium we use I am alway's overjoyed it's together, and I hope my boy will think back at those Artful moment's with his mama...happy Wednesday:) Dawn
This is me: love his style!
This is his self portrait

While he was sketching, I made my version of my Skye.