Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Cup of Love

While preparing lunch today for a friend, I put the kettle on the stove and took out the components for a nice hot cup o' tea.
Besides my favorite flavor's of Orange, Chamomile , and White Pomegranate , I found some nice loose Cherry Almond.
I had some time to kill so I checked a couple of my fave blogs including my sister Vintage Honeybee, and ironically her post was about DIY tea bag's! Check it out! Well hey say's I, why not? I had an instant take on my own custom tea bag that you could make for a really special cup of tea for your mum, grand mum, or friend .
I'm thinking it would be really great in a get well gift too!
All that was needed was your tea, coffee filter, twine, needle, and a pretty little tag you make to hang out of your steaming cup o' love! I used poetry out of one of my favorite book fair find's, and pretty paper I made and a sparkly sticker. Hints would be to sew stitches close on the tea bag, and sew in a way as to leave a tail to add your tag.
Admittedly it was so cute I didn't want to use it but that's what it's for eh? Whomever you choose to make these for , don't forget yourself! It makes sipping a piping hot cup that much sweeter! Xo Dawn

Here's the supplie's I used. Cut out your shape, and sew, leaving an opening to fill with tea, then sew shut.

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