Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hand Printed Kitchen Towels

I bought flour sack's awhile back from the awesome Dicks Five and Dime in Branson. My intention's were to make some kitchen towel's with my own design. And soooo those blank cloth canvases laid around my studio awhile amongst many other project's in progress till I finally got the compulsion to bust out my carving tools and material's and get to crackin!

I carved bird's & star's. Then I thought a Chevronish design formed from double feather's would be a good accompaniment . Something about carving is very relaxing to me, and one of my favorite Art's.
I found that when I got to the printing stage , it was easier by taping the cloth to a large cardboard . Also a rolling pin was perfect even pressure on the stamp. Finally after all was printed, I heat set the colors with an iron , and had three new towel's for my colorful kitchen !

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Great Post!

    WOw that's so cool you did it well I love this :)

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    1. Thankyou kindly Jen! And I will def check out your giveaway!xo Dawn

  2. these are wonderful!
    your stamps are charming and make beautiful towels, these would be great gifts.

    may i ask what kind of paint you used?

  3. Thank you kindly! I used Speedball screen printing fabric ink, aaand to customize my colors,I used Americana acrylic paint's intermixed. Just be sure to set the color. I iron set first, then tossed in dryer for 20 min.Thank's again for your comment, and compliment's!xo Dawn

  4. thank you! I have been wanting to do this for a long time. Maybe by Christmas I will have it together ;-)