Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend doin's

Among our usual full weekend , I was invited to something new to me but apparently all the rage to the Expectant Parent's Scene. It was a Gender Reveal Party. Hmmm you may say. But it was really clever, and a sweet family, friend's get-to-gether. We all met at a great bistro and wine bar, where we all had to pick either a mustache for boy, or a lipstick lips for girl. Then while enjoying our dinners, drinks and company, the momma to be's Momma held up a little piƱata that contained either pink or blue confetti. There were squeal's of excitement as the result was girly, girly Pink! Now, other options I have heard are to give family members, and friends a cupcake that they bite in to find the color reveal. Or a whole cake is presented that tells when cut into (little boy blue, or pretty princess pink) . Either way , it was a really nice, and exciting event for all! Cheery Monday all! No worrie's, the weekend will be back before you know it!xox Dawn!

As you can tell the girl's had the Aye's

Mommy to be on left, and friend  Melly on right. Two pretty pal's:)

Lordy be! We could not wait to take a bite of this delish Bread Pudding! I woulda licked the plate if I weren't in public ... no joke:)

I'm not a big drinker, but this was outstanding. I made note on my phone for you.. it was a  St Germaine.

Excited grandma ready to pull the tassel and find out her new grandbebe!!

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