Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A pot of veggie soup goodness

Well it's getting to be that time of year, just before spring when I start craving fruits and vegetables. Maybe it's a vitamin deficiency , maybe I'm just tiring of winter blah, and want fresh vibrant thing's and a bundle of kale, and spinach is as close as I can get. I went to Global Food's where the selection has typical, and exotic produce at durn good prices. I wanted a soup pot full of vitamins, colors, and of course flavor, so I loaded my tote with as I mentioned: kale and spinach, also carrot's , shallot's, and some tiny Italian eggplant's. Add a carton of beef broth , a can of white bean's,and diced Italian tomatoes to the list, and you have the making's of a tasty healthy meal. When I came home, I also had leftover boneless pork spare ribs to add to the pot, and a cup of barley. After all was bubbling happily on the stove, I ladled up a bowl and added freshly grated Parmesan , and wonderfully seasoned crouton's. It was grand, and even better today! Perfect for our stormy weather Tuesday! Happy day to you all!

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