Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Over the weekend

I know it's now mid week again (sheesh, time flies) but here was the low key, yet nice weekend's doin's....

Made some yum yum french toast where I used an egg nog dip, and  almond's.

Played on a kool new drawing app called Paper 53

Went hiking on several trail's.No Sasquatches to be found but we did find an enormous frog!

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Watched my favorite show that makes Sunday such a sweet finish to the weekend!

Made a fantastic dinner with 4 ingredient's from Trader Joe's: A bag of Chimchurri Rice, leftover Rotisserie chicken. about 3/4 cup or so of their Roasted red pepper and tomato soup, and I topped with slices of avocado...I'm tellin 15 min to deliciousness!

Finally after a trip to library, we wrap up it, and I get my kiddo to finally help with dishes where he decides to be a surly sudsy pirate while swabbing the dishes....hey whatever gets it done eh?


  1. The french toast looks amazing!! I see everyone playing with this paper 53.. I wish I had an iPad now... Thanks for popping by.. I have enjoyed your blog! K

  2. That french toast looks good.