Friday, February 10, 2012

Flower's Soothe The Sickly

Remember the end of the movie "You've Got Mail" where Meg Ryan is sick with a cold and Tom Hank's bring's her a cheery bunch of white daisies? Well that's me today, except unlike cute as a button even when sick Meg, I on the other hand look like death warmed over, crazy bedraggled pigtail's, in a sneeze shirt...that's when you've sneezed in your shirt a million time's, yes I know,gross. And I didn't get daisies from Tom Hank's, but for myself for 5 meager bill's as I dragged my pathetic carcass through the grocery store for sick bed staples, Lipton Double Noodle Soup, Chamomile Tea, Kleenex(with Aloe),oh, and a candy bar..c'mon chocolate alway's takes the edge off eh? So when I saw the pretty "pink" bundle of Daisies, I knew they would cheer up my dismal couch bound day. And just like Meg, I do believe they have become one of my favorite flower's. F.Y.I. I just shirt sneezed 2 more time's while typing this post...feel sorry for me?:)

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