Saturday, February 18, 2012

To Squatch or not to Squatch, that is the question.

When you were little did you ever have a fascination with those mysterious show's about The Loch Ness monster, The Yeti, Giant Squid or the king of the monster myth's... Big Foot? Aka Sasquatch ? Well mine was Nessie! I just knew there was some underwater cavern that led to an unknown prehistoric world and of course it was possible for an illusive and awesome sea creature to exist!...blink!, and flash forward ...And what do ya know that my little guy has my imagination and is having a blast with the notion of a hairy prehistoric creature that roam's the woodland forest's! Good ol Big Foot! Fueled by the fun show "Finding Bigfoot" on animal planet, my kiddo and his cousin's have made up a club based on the big ol'hairball . Alway's up for creative fun , of course you gotta have artsy t-shirt's, hand made "Squatch Investigation Journal's, binocular's, and headlamp's for journey's in the unknown forest's lol! Today proved to be the perfect weather for a dusky trek on local woodland trail's. Backpack bedecked, and binocular's in hand a little boy with a big imagination, checked out foot print's "deer", listened for movement," more deer", we scared up 9 or 10. And made Squatch call's to listen for a response ..of course. All in all we had an exhilarating nature walk, and as my Skye put it "we saw some compelling shelter's". Wha the? Where did he come up with that word? Hysterical! Those are truly endearing moment's! No hairy beast in sight, but good clean fun nonetheless! Happy Saturday!!

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