Monday, February 20, 2012

Idea Note Book's

My mind alway's crankin. When I look at everyday object's my mind comes up with a million other off-shoot's for project's art etc. Same with magazines and catalog's. I see the initial outfit or decor for a few second's ,then I reel with numerous idea's. People think it's awesome to be able to do so many different thing's, and to be creative in general, but I gotta tell you, many times it's kept me up till the wee hour's. True, I do work my artsy mojo best at night, but when I finally have to give in to the Land of Nod, then I find the only thing that clear's my head is to sketch, journal, and, or clip and paste in the blank notebook's or sketch pad's I keep by my bedside. As long as I have whatever it may be on paper,then I can relax knowing, now I won't forget it, and frankly it's ding dang relaxing to clip magazine pic's and glue stick'em! You should give it a whirl!
I love the cheap little blank book's you can purchase in Michael's dollar-ish bin's. I buy several then use them for individual ideas: Fashion, Bracelet's Necklace,Art, Recipe's, etc. Keep them handy all over your casa, and free those creative juices!

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  1. I need to start cutting and pasting in the ones you bought me.