Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Eclectic Arrangement

Sure the easiest way to decorate the center of your dining table is with a pretty flower arrangement. But as usual I had to opt for the atypical.I really like object's that catch your attention, like wonderful paperweight's with little hand blown bird's from my gram, that I put under a glass cloche. Another cloche contain's some pretty shell's. Also I will never tire of old tin typish family photo's. My eye's love to examine every detail of clothe's, hair and surrounding's "back in the old day's". And I truly don't get how anyone could part from these curious, and lovely photo's, but I am glad they did cause now they're mine! I also added my own version of flower's in the form of enameled metal, thrifted for literal change. Along with old bottles, bird's and book's, it finishes the "eclectic" and alway's different look of me.

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