Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paint My Own Pottery

I love me a big ol' cup, for my soup, cereal, and oh yeah, ice cream! So when me and my sister Rachel and the kiddo's went to one of those paint your own pottery places, we were pretty psyched to find something to paint that we would really use other than a giant strawberry, or a tile. I love to have a special cup for myself, I also have a favorite vintage glass, and a soup spoon I love in particular. Weird? Maybe, I guess it's the little thing's that make me happy, and this fit the bill.
            I designed it around three themes. Owl's, mushroom's and a funny bit of nonsense my 2yr old niece tell's my sister when she is mad at her. It is alway's exciting to see how the glazes on the finished product comes
            out, and is relaxing, and fun family time's. And make's me chuckle when I use it. Head's up for the
next post will feature one of my favorite chowder recipe's in my new favorite cup!

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