Monday, March 5, 2012

Art for me

Sometimes I actually keep a piece of my own work. Otherwise, I hoard it all for an art show, or to load up my Etsy shop. ( sheesh, I am like a snail at that)
Any heyhey, I made this necklace, because everyone that know's me know's that I love the unusual.

I designed my own bird, and used old poetry, vintage bit's of illustration, recycled old beads, 14 k dipped gold leaves, and chain, and was smitten enough to keep it.

So far I made only two other's, in which one was gifted to the previous editor of Country Living. It was a beautiful pale blue, and she seemed pleased.. I alway's wonder if she ever wore it....
I think I'll make some smaller versions for the shoppe! Happy Monday! ( optimism folk's! )

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