Friday, March 2, 2012

Flippin Find O the Century Friday!

Prepare yourselves.... Here's what happened. I was skipping along one day when... Ok so I wasn't skipping but I felt like it, cause I was heading into the thrift store, and I haven't been in ages. Anyhoo, I walked in with a new outfit on my mind, and just as I was passing the furniture, there she was.....

Yep, I don't need to tell you, because you know what happened.. The heaven's parted and the angel's sang, yes indeedy, I heard them clearly.

As I stumbled forward ( I really almost fell over an extended lazy boy) to take a closer look, I could see she was in beautiful condition, and had fabulous detail's, and hold on to your granny panties... It could separate into two equally amazing retro chair's!!!! Yes I know!! ( jumping up and down)!

But wait , there's more!... The cherry on t cake was the little scrap of paper with the price...drum roll...

Palm's sweaty, eye's darting madly, to see if I had to fight anyone else eye balling what clearly must be mine! The only person hovering was the little guy from the back , who just informed me he literally put her out on the floor 10 minutes previously, and that it was a neat piece.

Pulling myself together , I said yes indeedy, and she's coming home with me.... And that my friend's is the story of one of my all time greatest thrifty find's. The End.

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