Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chicago part tres

The main reason I head to Chicago, besides the fact that it's just a blast, is because my fave store is there... Ikea! If I could, I would do the majority of my Casa in Ikea, especially the kitchen. I thoroughly scan the catalog, then spend hours on the site, making my list. Print it out and finally I feel prepared to enter the 3 story uber hugemungous store. We walk in armed with our list's and walkie talkies, ( cell phone's). Then my Pal's and I partake of the nourishment needed for our venture, by mean's of the $ 1.99 Big Breakfast( Egg's, Bacon, southern style potatoes, and French toast stick's).. I know unbelievable deal! Belly's full and eye's bright, we grab our cart's, and quickly part way's joyfully checking off list's for the next 2 hours. Van loaded with goodies, it's the only time, I don't mind having  myself squashed , and squished between bag's and boxes of Ikea goodness!

Love my new glasses!

In love with these glass plates!

Almost forgot to tell about another awesome hot dog joint, "Portillo's . Besides it's delicious food, I was impressed that their service was like a well oiled machine!
Oh Happy Day!

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